Unique, transformational team building experiences delivered in beautiful environments. Sparking creativity, curiosity & contribution for sophisticated learning.

Our team building proposition, IGNITE,  focuses on four specific team scenarios:

1. NEWLY SPARKED: We need to significantly accelerate the ‘getting to know each other’ phase of a new team being formed to get immediate traction on a project or big task

2. CINDERING: Performance is not being delivered, trust is low or non-existent and the project or end result is at serious risk

3. NEEDS STOKING: The “fire” requires extra kindling through creativity and innovation to solve a big problem or take a radically different direction

4. FLAMING SUCCESS: The team has super performed and delivered the end result. Flaming successful teams should be rewarded.

IGNITE offers fully immersive, sophisticated activities.
Work with us in one of THREE ways:

Stand Alone


• Choose from any of the IGNITE experiences

• Fully facilitated activity

• Seamless integration into event



• Choose from any of the IGNITE experiences, customised to fit with your event outcomes

• Customised agenda

• Hosting by Zoom

• Post event feedback



100% managed event, including:

• Pre-event research

• Agenda creation

• Bespoke content design

• Full facilitation

• Event wrap up and feedback

Ignite Team Building Experiences

"It’s just cutting edge learning that engages and inspires to levels I’ve never experienced before. Their creativity and speed at which they can design products to fit your requirements is first class."

– Ian Savage, Head of Retail Training, Jessops

Movie Making

Culminating in the Oscars, whether you want to be Tom Cruise in front of the camera or Stephen Spielberg behind it, this experience allows you to perform the Hollywood role you’ve always wanted to have.

With access to all the filming kit, post production, green screen and special effects, your team will have an unforgettable experience and a blockbuster to take away.


Outcomes: Collaboration, leadership, creative thinking

& problems solving, time management, logical reasoning

Number of people: 6 - 600

Est. time: Min 3Hrs (exc. evening)

Prices start from: £50.00 pp



Are you artistic? The simple answer is yes. This workshop is designed to give every member of your team the opportunity to access their creative side and release their inner Pollock.

You can expect canvas and colour to bring out your team’s creativity.

Outcomes: Visual thinking, problem solving, creative thinking,


Number of people: 6 - 60

Est. time: 1.5Hrs

Prices start from: £25.00 pp


High Energy

Our Street Dance Team Building workshop, tailor-made for your company, is an ideal vehicle for a team bonding exercise or an ice-breaking activity. Participants are taken outside their normal “comfort zone” in a fun and enjoyable way.

The workshop engages every guest and is designed to build individual as well as team interactions, enhances team cohesion, team spirit and creates deeper relationships.

This unique dance workshop is perfect for loosing inhibitions and enabling work colleagues to interact with each other in a way that would never happen in the office.

Outcomes: Collaboration & motivation

Number of people: 5 - 500

Est. time: 1Hr +

Prices start from: £20.00 pp



A range of tablet based team activities, which require collaboration, leadership, communication, time management and attention to detail.

These experiences can be tailored for both indoor and outdoor events including:

TRIBAL INSTINCTS: a precious artefacts treasure hunt

THE PITCH: Based on the apprentice

THE ESCAPE: An escape the room experience which can be run in any space

SPY SCHOOL: Cryptic messages, secret codes and covert missions

Outcomes: Collaboration, leadership, creative thinking, problem solving

time management, logical reasoning

& problems solving, time management, logical reasoning

Number of people: 10 - 2,000

Est. time: 1 - 4Hrs

Prices start from: £65.00 pp