Be more Give more Do less

Imagine being as aware of the needs and wants of others as of your own? What if you could raise the consciousness of everyone around you to see the bigger picture? What if it was possible to create ANY outcome from a situation or perceived problem just by changing the conversation? SWAY will change your perception of what’s possible. 


Using Accelerated Learning principles, you will be introduced to a different level of understanding which will open up a whole new world to you. A world where you have the ability to connect with the hearts and minds of other and effortlessly create what you want.

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After attending Sway, you will be able to:

  1. Differentiate between attempting to manipulate others and genuinely collaborating around a shared outcome 

  2. Understand the subtle and fundamental difference between what you need and what you want 

  3. See the people around you as your own unique eco-system in which you play a fundamental role, increasing your leverage and scope of influence

  4. Relate to what is most important to others and use this insight to find the common ground, regardless of how different the presenting positions seem 

  5. Phrase your request in a way that makes it very easy for others to say yes

This transformative learning experience has 3 phases

1. Readiness

Before the workshop you will recieve:

  • An access token to the online profiling tool where you will learn about your own and the communication preferences of others 

  • A 45 minute webinar expanding on your profile, helping answer the question ‘why am I like this’

  • 3 Pieces of preparation which will expand your understanding of the subject and deepen your curiosity about what is to come

2. Immersion

During the workshop you will experience:

  • A wholly interactive and dynamic live experience of the content and principles

  • 4 opportunities to put everything you are learning into practice in a safe and a supportive environment 

  • Facilitation and expert guidance from a trainer with the experience of working with 5000+ people 

  • Personalised feedback to accelerate your own growth and development

3. Integration

After the workshop, you will recieve:

  • A really cool tool to take away containing all of the content and models 

  • A unique digital summary of all the content & your personalised feedback

  • A 30 minute follow up conversation with an expert coach to support you with processing and applying your learning 

  • Access to our online community where you can post questions, access a wide range of resources, tools, templates to help you with any future presenting and support with continued learning


“The course was structured to almost perfection and delivered in a way which made it thoroughly enjoyable and engaging.  The "learning without learning" element throughout the day and a half was very enriching and above all the support provided was fabulous. I'm absolutely delighted that I was given the opportunity to take part is this wonderful course.”