Buy one for yourself, one for a friend or enough for your whole team or group.

Each card deck comes with 10 activities for you to try out as well as an explanation of the cards themselves; how you use the wildcards and what else to look out for.


Grab a deck and start playing.


What is Playing with Strengths?


You hold in your hands a gift of possibility, the possibility to discover for yourself what your true strengths are and what you might really love to do with them.

There is nothing for you to do other than enjoy playing with these cards and enjoy as insights reveal themselves to you one at a time.

All the answers you receive are equally valid, no insight can be right or wrong. Each of the activities are just different roads to the same place, back to you, the place where you are truly yourself. 

These cards have been crafted by Cat and Baz, each word and picture from our creative imagination and therefore unique, this exists no-where else in this world but here, with you in your hands.... 


How does PWS work? 


We are the same - we are all different, which of these statements is true? BOTH. By going toward this paradoxical reality instead of away from it, it’s possible to find the truth of what our heart already knows but our minds can’t often see, what we truly love, our real strengths and what is seeking to be expressed through us. 

Playing with Strengths - Card Deck

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