Be Present - Have Presence - Communicate Brilliantly

How do you want to come across?


We are presenting ourselves in every moment, every day at meetings, project updates, pitches or just in conversation. HOW we come across to others affects everything we are working to create, build, change or deliver.


Presenting our thinking and ideas is probably the most important thing we do at work, creating those moments when time stops for a few seconds, moments when you can feel the shift, the pause, the immediate change of energy in the room. This is how you know people have really connected with you and your message.

This is not learned and mastered through copying a set of modelled behaviour from how others do it but by being ourselves and expressing what is true in the moment. Our approach to this learning is entirely unique and transformative, tested and proven all over the world, with 100’s of organisations and tens of thousands of people.  We know it works... every single time.


The PRESENCE learning experience will change the way you think about and present yourself forever...


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Join the 1000's of people who have experienced PRESENCE

PRESENCE is a learning experience focused across 3 phases:

1. Readiness - Pre-workshop engagement & assessment

2. Immersion - During the workshop: A 1-day Interactive learning workshop

3. Integration - Post-workshop: Community & support


You will leave knowing how to:

  1. Open with impact – really nail the first 30 seconds of your meeting, pitch or presentation

  2. Design a brilliant presentation, pitch or project update in less than 10% of the time it takes you now

  3. Flex your style to meet the different needs, wants and preferences of your audience without having to change who you are

  4. Use stories and anecdotes to connect with your audience and create huge ‘stickiness’ so they never forget you or your message

  5. Articulate and deliver your proposition or big idea with real impact

  6. Respond to challenges, difficult questions and objections effortlessly creating more trust and credibility

  7. Make the ask, creating a compelling case for why the people in the room should say yes to you now


"I would just like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the course. As always with these things, you don't know what to expect the evening or morning before a course. I loved the fact that I was made to feel at ease during the whole day and was backed and encouraged by every single person within the room. Mike & Mark, you were a breath of fresh air in terms of exceeding my expectations. Thank you so much - my presenting confidence has grown overnight." 

Retail, Distribution & Property Procurement - John Lewis Partnership, 2019

This transformative learning experience has 3 phases

1. Readiness

Before the workshop you will recieve:

  • An invitation to complete a self-awareness questionaire to allow Zoom to understand your current level of confidence and capability in presenting

  • 3 Pieces of preparation which will expand your understanding of the subject and deepen your curiosity about what is to come

2. Immersion

During the workshop you will experience:

  • A wholly interactive and dynamic live experience of the content and principles

  • 4 opportunities to put everything you are learning into practice in a safe and a supportive environment 

  • Facilitation and expert guidance from a trainer with the experience of working with 5000+ people 

  • Personalised feedback to accelerate your own growth and development

3. Integration

After the workshop, you will recieve:

  • A really cool tool to take away containing all of the content and models 

  • A unique digital summary of all the content & your personalised feedback 

  • Access to our online community where you can post questions, access a wide range of resources, tools, templates to help you with any future presenting and support with continued learning


“The course was structured to almost perfection and delivered in a way which made it thoroughly enjoyable and engaging.  The "learning without learning" element throughout the day and a half was very enriching and above all the support provided was fabulous. I'm absolutely delighted that I was given the opportunity to take part is this wonderful course.”