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Landfill of the mind

I was at Atherstone re-cycling centre this morning, getting rid of all the cardboard from a garden based purchasing frenzy over the weekend, inspired by the first bit of spring warmth, light, possibility... BBQ, lawnmower, soil etc... very rock and roll I know, shut up brothers.... 

What struck me as I drove in the entrance what just how organised and perfectly arranged a place for rubbish is... the whole thing... allocated parking for each car/person, different numbered bays for each type of rubbish/recycling (I’ll come back to the difference later)... A big crusher reducing down what is in each skip and even people, rubbish experts pointing at what exactly goes where, no matter WHAT it is! Imagine that, you can take ANYTHING there and there is the right place for it to go... (obviously not ANYTHING, I.e. nuclear waste, body parts but you know what I mean..)

It was incredibly calming to take the stuff out of my car and put it somewhere else, knowing it was going to the right place, and my lovely new car was going to return to being empty..

It struck my that it would be amazing to be able to do this with unwanted thoughts and feelings.. if not unwanted, maybe no longer as useful or relevant as they once were.. 

Some to be recycled, maybe even used by others, some (45% this week as it turns out) not recyclable, going to ‘land fill’ I imagine, whatever that means, not gone but hidden, underground, stuff above ground built on-top unaware what’s underneath... 

Who decides what is rubbish, what can and can’t go into landfill, and what is right to be re-used by someone else?

Maybe no one consciously decided, maybe this is just the way it became and we all follow... 

Filling up our homes, cars, places, bodies with stuff, using/not using this stuff, storing it until we decide we want a clear out and then heading to the tip... to clear out, making room to put in more, newer stuff... and then repeating over and over again..

Is this an instinct within all of us to create space, to clean ourselves, like the shower we take everyone morning whether we need it or not, a desire to be, CLEAN, clear, sparking so that there is space, within us, around us... 

What if we just allowed this space without needing to fill it, what might come, what might already be there waiting to reveal itself...?

What if our mind was meant to have a job like those rubbish experts, knowing intuitively what to put where, no stress, anxiety, need to’s, must do’s, should do’s... just an unspoken seamless flow allowing everything to go where it is destined, no effort, no work, just watching it all happen, enjoying the grace of it all... what if that is the real job of our mind so the space can reveal the answer to our real questions...? 

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