What could happen in the world if we all did what we love?

What is 'Playing with Strengths'? 

You hold in your hands a gift of possibility, the possibility to discover for yourself what your true strengths are and what you might really love to do with them.

There is nothing for you to do other than enjoy playing with these cards and enjoy as insights reveal themselves to you one at a time.

All the answers you receive are equally valid, no insight can be right or wrong. Each of the activities is just different roads to the same place, back to you, the place where you are truly yourself. 

These cards have been crafted by Cat and Baz, each word and picture from our creative imagination and therefore unique, this exists no-where else in this world but here, with you in your hands.... 


Launch of PWS 


Playing with strengths is our first creation designed to expand anyone’s conscious awareness of their strengths, areas of potential and what they truly love. We launched this at the Leicester Business Festival in November 2019 where we wondered together ‘what could happen in the world if we all did what we love? 

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