About us

Zoom has supported the development and growth of 120 businesses, charities and organisations over the last 20 years.


Our success is centred on our ability to be infinitely curious, extremely creative and highly focused on making a significant contribution to our clients' goals and aspirations.


We inspire people to think and behave differently through challenging their current perception of what’s possible. This leads to significant increases in each person’s awareness, confidence and capability, which in turn accelerates the growth, development and transformation in the teams and businesses we support.

Our unique methodology, tested and refined over 200,000 hours, works because it engages all of people’s senses and emotions, not just their thinking, so the experience is never passive. Our appreciative approach also surfaces the tension between the end result and current reality without creating criticism or judgment, this means everyone remains open to new possibilities rather than focused on defending their position.


This space of openness is where our awareness, confidence and capability can be increased exponentially and where we can directly access our innate creativity, genius and potential. 


This is what we do, this is what we care passionately about - being curious, being creative and making a significant contribution to each person, team and organisation we work with.


We believe in infinite possibilities, and we love asking and answering the question ‘What’s possible?’ 

...what would you love to create?