Influencing & collaboration

Give More / Get More / Do Less

We are influencing and being influenced by everyone and everything around us.

The question we answer is, “how can I consciously influence the end result I want and increase the chances of getting a yes from the same people a 2nd. 3rd and 4th time?”

SWAY is a META process which has been designed to shift your AWARENESS, CONFIDENCE and CAPABILITY in effective influencing and collaboration.

All Zoom training and development is designed around accelerated learning principles. This means that every part of the programme is developed to meet the full range of learning styles, uses memory techniques that make the learning ‘sticky’ for everyone, and involves action learning. Creating the right learning environment is a critical element of this, and part of the design process will be ensuring that the collateral that is fundamental to the programme supports accelerated learning.

“I really enjoyed the course and really love the style in which you educate people. The whole people skill thing fascinates me and I have really reaped the benefits from attending these courses.”

Area Manager ,NCP

You will be more confident, more capable and most of all, more of yourself.


  1. Differentiate between manipulation, collaboration and influence.
  2. Define and articulate what you really want and what is negotiable.
  3. Create your own unique network map, dramatically increasing your leverage and scope of influence.
  4. Identify what is most important to others and what for them, is negotiable.
  5. Find the common ground and create true win/win outcomes, even when there is a high level of conflict or difference in expectation.
  6. Phrase your request as an un-refuseable offer.

“I really enjoyed the fact that we were using our real life work project because as we went through each exercise I was receiving feedback from colleagues from different teams who I would have never have spoken to about it.”

Marketing Manager, O2

Features & Benefits

  • Experience the latest in accelerated learning principles
  • A fully supported 12 week programme
  • Development based on individual needs
  • Zero use of powerpoint
  • Access to a learning community

Price – £495.00 + VAT

Average feedback taken from 430 delegates

  • Rate your confidence in knowing what you want
  • Rate your confidence in knowing what your stakeholders want
  • Rate your confidence in finding the common ground
  • Rate your confidence in making a clear ask
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