Influence & collaborate”


The question we answer is:

How can I consciously influence the end result I want and get a YES first time and EVERY time?

After attending SWAY, you will be able to:

  1. Differentiate between manipulation, collaboration and influence
  2. Define and articulate what you really want and what is negotiable
  3. Create your own unique network map, dramatically increasing your leverage and scope of influence
  4. Identify what is most important to others and what for them, is negotiable
  5. Find the common ground and create true win/win outcomes, even when there is a high level of conflict or difference in expectation
  6. Phrase your request as an un-refuseable offer

How SWAY runs?

Before the event
“Be curious”

1. Send invitation

2. Hygiene factors

3. Create curiosity

4. Get warmed up

During the event

1. Welcome to the event

2. Learn and practice

3. How to apply

After the event
“Have Confidence”

1. Create a community

2. Content refresh

3. Review progress

4. Tailor plans

5. Sign off