Presenting with impact

Be Present / Have Presence / Present Brilliantly

Successful presentations are about creating transformative moments in the room…The pause, the change in expression, the moment when your audience shifts what they think and feel.

PRESENCE is a META process which has been designed to shift your AWARENESS, CONFIDENCE and CAPABILITY in presenting powerfully in any environment.

All Zoom training and development is designed around accelerated learning principles. This means that every part of the programme is developed to meet the full range of learning styles, uses memory techniques that make the learning ‘sticky’ for everyone, and involves action learning. Creating the right learning environment is a critical element of this, and part of the design process will be ensuring that the collateral that is fundamental to the programme supports accelerated learning.

“I enjoyed every minute of the course. It really took me out of my comfort zone and showed me a new more effective way of building then giving a presentation. So many techniques I will now look to apply in future presentations. This was a course full of ways do do things rather than just a repeat of common sense. The trainers had a fantastic engaging style that made the course that much more immersive.”

Be the best version of yourself



  1. Open with impact – really nail the first 30 seconds or your presentation.

  2. Design a brilliant presentation or pitch in less than 10% of the time it takes you now.

  3. Flex your style to meet the different needs and motivation triggers of your audience.

  4. Use stories and anecdotes to connect with your audience and create huge “stickiness” so they never forget you or your message.

  5. Define, articulate and deliver your proposition or big idea with impact.

  6. Respond to challenges, difficult questions and objections effortlessly – enhancing your presentation, not distracting from it.

  7. Make a compelling case at the end for what you want your audience to do next with a high chance of getting a yes.

As well as delivering a brilliant presentation where you land all these principles.

“This course was AMAZING and I would highly recommend it. I’m a really nervous presenter but the trainers created a really safe and comfortable atmosphere and I’ve come away with so much more confidence.”

Features & Benefits


  • Experience the latest in accelerated learning principles
  • A fully supported 12 week programme
  • Development based on individual needs
  • Zero use of powerpoint
  • Access to a learning community


Price – £595.00 + VAT

Average feedback taken from 532 delegates

  • Rate your confidence to apply and demonstrate your opening
  • Rate your confidence to apply and demonstrate designing your presentation
  • Rate your confidence to apply and demonstrate flexing your style and language
  • Rate you confidence to apply and demonstrate storytelling
  • Rate your confidence to apply and demonstrate making a clear ask
  • Rate your confidence to apply and demonstrate handling challenge
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