“Presenting with impact


Questions we answer:

How can I be present, have presence and present brilliantly?

After attending PRESENCE, you will be able to:

  1. Open with impact – really nail the first 30 seconds of your presentation

  2. Design a brilliant presentation or pitch in less than 10% of the time it takes you now

  3. Flex your style to meet the different needs and motivation triggers of your audience

  4. Use stories and anecdotes to connect with your audience and create huge ‘stickiness’ so they never forget you or your message

  5. Define, articulate and deliver your proposition or big idea with impact

  6. Respond to challenges, difficult questions and objections effortlessly  enhancing your presentation, not distracting from it

  7. Make a compelling case at the end for what you want your audience to do next with a high chance of getting a yes

How PRESENCE runs?

Before the event
“Be curious”

1. Send invitation

2. Hygiene factors

3. Create curiosity

4. Get warmed up

During the event

1. Welcome to the event

2. Learn and practice

3. How to apply

After the event
“Have Confidence”

1. Create a community

2. Content refresh

3. Review progress

4. Tailor plans

5. Sign off