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What differentiates Tantrwm from most other video communication agencies is our focus and long track record in supporting innovative HR and People Development organisations through unique video experiences. We devise and implement immersive, fun, engaging and impactive experiences based around video for teams ranging from dozens to hundreds.

We make films with amazing organisations. Keeping clients happy for over the last 17 years Tantrwm have worked with clients across the UK and Europe on projects that are diverse, challenging, exciting, touching, engaging and valued. From world class scientists, musicians and athletes to explore how they are breaking new ground to charities and NGOs to highlight the life changing work they do, to Formula One teams, insurance & finance companies to housing associations and local authorities. Every one of those projects has been a memorable experience and has etched a memory in the minds of participants, crew and audience

The breadth of our work spans creative and scripted productions, on the fly documentary making, live event filming, technically challenging streaming scenarios and any combination of these. We implement these methodologies and technologies for our clients. We have been streaming video for over a decade to audiences on every continent. We are trusted to get it right by some of the worlds most recognisable brands. We can capture and deliver video for training, conferences, gigs and corporate clients any time any place and any where!.

The Big Canvas Project

The Big Canvas Project are passionate about the use of art in helping people be more creative and in so doing, develop interesting, innovative outcomes at work. Our projects enable a climate of wonder, fun, mindspace, team togetherness and learning. With unusual and at times explosive techniques, a session will challenge the senses and widen the feeling of possibilities – participants take more than just great art home with them

Creativity is often regarded as an untouchable force for the gifted few, rarely understood & intimidating to consider; but this couldn’t be further from the truth, everyone is creative, you just need to rediscover it! This project brings both problem solving & team building together, fuelling innovation & collaboration in the creation of a beautiful piece of artwork. Participants work individually & collaboratively whilst gaining insight into a creative process. Does your team need a creative boost? It is a fun, rewarding & insightful hour or so spent!.

Active Aspirations – Hypnotick


Offers, a high energy Street Dance Team Building workshop, tailor-made for your company, which is an ideal vehicle for a team bonding exercise or an ice-breaking activity. Participants are taken outside their normal “comfort zone” in a fun and enjoyable way. The overall event provides an excellent combination of a unique Street Dance Experience, with a range of fun but valuable custom designed ‘team’ orientated games/challenges. This is ideal as a conference energiser, an afternoon event or even an after/before dinner entertainment event. It is a great flexible workshop which culminates into the perfect grand finale with the team performance of a lifetime.

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