"The Art of facilitation"

Ask / Listen / Tell

45% of all time at work is spent in meetings, workshops and briefings. In these forums, issues and opportunities are discussed, direction is set and decisions are made – but how effective are we? 83% of managers, state that the above is their no1 timewaster!

The question we answer is , “what is effective facilitation, and how can I ensure in our meetings and briefings, we get the outcomes and decision we need?

NAVIGATE is a META process  which has been designed to shift your AWARENESS, CONFIDENCE and CAPABILITY in facilitating any meeting, briefing and workshop.

All Zoom training and development is designed around accelerated learning principles. This means that every part of the programme is developed to meet the full range of learning styles, uses memory techniques that make the learning ‘sticky’ for everyone, and involves action learning. Creating the right learning environment is a critical element of this, and part of the design process will be ensuring that the collateral that is fundamental to the programme supports accelerated learning.

Ask Listen Tell


  1. Create the best possible environment and space before people even arrive.
  2. Own the space and the energy in the room without overtly leading or dominating the agenda
  3. Surface clear and compelling expectation and direction.
  4. Ask the right questions and actually listen to all views and perspectives
  5. Paraphrase and summarise to maintain clarity and momentum.
  6. Conclude the meeting, workshop or briefing with clear commitment and next steps from everybody

Features & Benefits

  • Experience the latest in accelerated learning principles
  • A fully supported 12 week programme
  • Development based on individual needs
  • Zero use of powerpoint
  • Access to a learning community

Price – £695.00 + VAT

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