“The art of facilitation


Questions we answer:

What is effective facilitation, and how can I ensure in our meetings and briefings, I get the outcomes and decisions I need?

After attending NAVIGATE, you will be able to:

  1. Create the best possible environment and space before people even arrive

  2. Own the space and the energy in the room without overtly leading or dominating the agenda

  3. Surface clear and compelling expectation and direction

  4. Ask the right questions and actually listen to all views and perspectives

  5. Paraphrase and summarise to maintain clarity and momentum

  6. Conclude the meeting, workshop or briefing with clear commitment and next steps from everybody

How NAVIGATE runs?

Before the event
“Be curious”

1. Send invitation

2. Hygiene factors

3. Create curiosity

4. Get warmed up

During the event

1. Welcome to the event

2. Learn and practice

3. How to apply

After the event
“Have Confidence”

1. Create a community

2. Content refresh

3. Review progress

4. Tailor plans

5. Sign off