Programmes designed to elevate awareness, confidence & capability

Our question is what’s possible?

Each one of our META programmes will push the boundaries of your development. We will remove limits and amplify opportunities, so that you, your team and your organisation can deliver real transformation.

You will be given a day of intense, quality learning, facilitated by a world-class expert in their field. Using accelerated learning principles, each workshop will stimulate your senses and provide you with a set of memorable tools for immediate practical application.

Prior to each session, we will establish what your challenges and opportunities are as an individual, team and organisation. We will then follow up after each session to offer coaching and support to ensure the skills you have learned are being put in to practice.

How META works

Before the event

“Get curious”

  1. Invitation – delegates receive a tailored invitation
  2. Hygiene – delegates fill out a pre-attendance questionnaire including self awareness
  3. Create curiosity – delegates to complete 3 abstract tasks
  4. Get warmed up – delegates receive final pre-event collateral

During the event


  1. Welcome  – delegates arrive and the event is kicked off
  2. Learn & practice – delegates attend an accelerated learning workshop
  3. How to apply – create a plan to embed all the learning & skills

After the event

“Have confidence”

  1. Creating a community – delegates set up session to review and feedback
  2. Content refreshed – delegates receive follow up content
  3. Review progress – delegates get individual feedback
  4. Tailored plans – delegates receive tailored plans to develop and improve
  5. Sign off – delegates complete a post-attendance questionnaire
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