“It takes two flints to make a fire.” –-Louisa May Alcott


Unique, transformational team building experiences delivered in beautiful environments. Sparking creativity, curiosity & contribution for sophisticated learning built for purpose.

Ignite creates bespoke, themed team building programs and events to achieve set learning and engagement outcomes.

People and development are key to flaming successes in business, as is continuous team learning and engagement. At Ignite, we work with our clients to maximize team strengthening opportunities by identifying at which stage of engagement a group is currently performing at and where they’re balancing on the  fire diamond.


IGNITE views teams as furnaces and works to ensure that all elements of the fire are stoked and fed in order to keep a red hot focus on the team’s goals and objectives.


“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” –Henry Ford

We understand that creating effective and high performing teams requires a dynamic, integrated and staged approach.  

As all fire starters know, once a fire is alight, it takes balance and attention to keep the flames roaring and equally to control the blaze. An imbalance of fuel, heat and oxygen will cause the flames to cinder or an uncontrollable firestorm. 

How alight (and effective) are your teams or are they heading towards combustion point? 

IGNITE takes an objective view of how balanced a team’s fire diamond is, and creates targeted FIRE plans to assist in reaching and maximising potential. From a consultancy perspective, IGNITE will determine which of the four cyclecar stages of the diamond a team is most aligned to and creates unique, transformational team building experiences with measurable outcomes. 



– When we need to significantly accelerate the ‘getting to know each other’ phase of a new team being formed to get immediate traction on a project or big task


– When the fire requires extra kindling through creativity and innovation to solve a big problem or take a radically different direction


– When performance is not being delivered, trust is low or non-existent and the project or end result is at serious risk


– When the team has super performed and delivered the end result. Flaming successful teams should be rewarded. IGNITE creates celebration experiences and reflects on the achieved to set the direction of the next bright sparks idea!

“We will work with you from the start to create simple, sophisticated, high value events. By doing the basics brilliantly we will bring together venues, activities and facilitators to meet your specific outcome in a way that is completely aligned with you and your team” – The Zoom Team

 Ignite FIRE Plans


All FIRE Plans are bespoke to the client brief. Your dedicated consultant will determine at what stage of the fire diamond teams are currently most aligned with, and will construct a tailored plan to engage with the entire team (whether that be a team of 6 or multiple teams of 6,000).


FIRE Plans demonstrate how through a series of varied and creative activities which can be programmed to a half day schedule or week long residential, the Ignite team will fully engage with teams to achieve set deliverables and incremental behavioural changes which will benefit both organisation and the individuals which make up the organisation.


Integrated into a scheduled program, Ignite takes team building and development out of the classroom and integrates initiatives and activities into themed and synergised settings. Set in the depths of the New Forest or in and around the streets of Soho, Central London Ignite will work with your budget and brief to ensure that the setting is most conducive to maximising measurable behavioural change.

From two hour ‘Sparks’ to week long ‘Blazing’ sessions, Ignite will provide a Fire Plan to meet your budget and requirements.



During an Ignite event you will:


Work with a coordinator to completely understand your needs


Be given options for locations and budget


Have all the logistical pain taken away by our team – everything will happen seamlessly


Have access to unique venues and activities at the best possible rates due to our relationships with suppliers


Have world class facilitators to run the event (if you need/want them)



Create massive added value for your team and organisation that extends way beyond the event itself




Our short SPARK sessions can be bolted on perfectly either side of your meeting or event, to bring the team together for a more productive session or to enthuse and re-engage a group mid-way through the day!

89% of individuals who have experienced an Ignite event or team building initiative would recommend Ignite to their colleagues. Stats based on our Ignite Participation Evaluations.

Sample Ignite


 Venue: Bovey Castle, Exeter
 Schedule: 11am -6.30pm
 Team: 15 people
 Fire Diamond Status: Stoke: For those teams who need a boost or when the fire requires extra kindling through creativity and innovation to solve a big problem or take a radically different direction.
 Objective: Strengthen the core and collaborative creativity of a dispersed, small team. Giving all team members the confidence to put forward and take ownership of their ideas and suggestions.



A sense of direction

In three teams of five, using a branding digital map of the venues grounds on tablets, delegates were tasked with navigating their groups from the main house, to the Groundsmen’s Den – checking in at selected places within the grounds en route and completing a series of interactive activities which required the groups to think quickly, creatively and collectively. Working against the clock to complete the series of tasks to unlock the next instruction, the teams pooled their skill sets to reach the finish mark.

Once all teams had arrived at the Groundsmen’s Den, they were able to see the different routes their colleagues had taken and were scored on the tasks completed along the way. The session required the team to work together, and tasks ensured that all members of the team were involved in the decision making required to complete the tasks and unlock the next instruction.

Unleashing creativity

Set within the forest, next the group were tasked with unleashing their creativity, visually, Under the direction of The Big Canvas Project, using unconventional techniques and atypical materials and tools the teams created unique pieces of art which reflected which symbolised the many levels of creativity within the team. Exploring the mindspace of the individuals and demonstrating the differences in one-another’s thought process patterns, they curated a visual representation of how they are able to best work in collaboration.

Performing with creativity and direction

The final phase of the event was an fun and energetic street dance class during which the group learnt a sequence of movements of which they used to choreograph a routine culminating in a grand finale performance.


We have worked with some of the world’s largest communication companies and communicators, because they understand that by encouraging and embracing creating thinking in curious and curated settings, teams come together and learnt to communicate better on a number of levels – ultimately shaping a more effective and driven set of outcomes.

” Absolutely loved everything about this training session, fun, practical, engaging. I came away with a whole different perspective on presenting and what I am capable of. Thanks!” Sway, 2016

“It made me focus on what exactly I needed to do in my day to day role and also for what I needed for future roles, It makes you think more specifically instead of a general which leads you to create smaller steps that will lead you to your bigger achievement.” Enchant, 2016

Loved it – should be mandatory for all O2 employees!
02, 2016

89% of individuals who have experienced an Ignite event or team building initiative would recommend Ignite to their colleagues. (Stats based on our Ignite Participation Evaluations).