Where do the thoughts we think come from?

I’ve always been fascinated by what people say and how they behave (including myself) and the gap between the two. As a child I imagined being able to see a bubble above people’s head showing what they were really thinking… Now I believe the way we think about learning as a society is no longer relevant or useful, and in many cases actually harmful and certainly limiting.

Having children or adults sat in classrooms telling them what to think and then judging them based on their ability to regurgitate someone’s else’s right answer is as redundant as a paradigm as a square wheel.

The original motivation behind the creation of formal education was not the realisation of people’s potential. The primary motivation was creating a compliant, docile society that thought and behaved as it was told.

I believe the most important outcome for any learning is to help each other think for ourselves. I believe all wrong in this world is manifested when we don’t do this, everything that is beautiful and true is when we do, especially when we take personal responsibility for our own thoughts and actions.

Zoom exits to change the way the world thinks about learning one person, one project at a time.